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Naleczow - Spa Park

"Naleczow's Air"

My heart
desired different air
I submitted its request...
Here we feel like
Free birds
The heart and I
we walk through the park
and we are well!
Ceslawa Dabrowska

The poem comes from the book entitled:

"Naleczow my love"

The picture was taken in Park Zdrojowy...

"There are places chosen by God and people, where everyone feels good, where a tree, a stone, water, a man positively influence the surroundings. In Poland there are not many spas, but they are particularly beautiful, especially those, that were not marked by human intrusion. Naleczow is one of those places."
Janusz Gora

Naleczow - Spa Park

Naleczow - Malachowski's Palace Naleczow is a spa in the picturesque neighbourhood of The Landscape Park. The town is located in the South of Poland, 20 miles away from Lublin, the capital of voivodeship.
This and all other web sites devoted to Naleczow intend to arouse interest in this unique town. The 19th century owner of Naleczow planned it as a garden-town. This original state of Naleczow has been preserved untill the present day.
The 50 acre Spa Park is the heart of Naleczow. The river Bohotniczanka flows through the Park, creating a small pond with an island, in the centre of the park. There are many old monuments in Naleczow - the most popular is Malachowski's Palace.
One can quench thirst with a glass of Naleczowianka, country's most famous mineral water.
Having visited the park one must take a stroll down Lipowa street to see beautiful, 100 year-old-villas.
While sitting on a porch of a cafe-bar, enjoying your coffee or tea and eating a chocolate covered prune, you can admire the beauty of the garden-town. Naleczow's charm was appreciated by many famous Polish writers and poets such as: Henryk Sienkiewicz (Nobel prize winner), Boleslaw Prus, Stefan Zeromski, Stanislaw Witkiewicz, Jan Lechon, Ewa Szelburg-Zarembina, Kazimiera Illakowiczowna, as well as artists from abroad, such as a well known artist-painter Michal Elwiro Andriolli and many other famous people, who spent days or even years in this town. Naleczow is the pearl of our land.
This is where one can cure heart, nerves, or improve the general condition. There are five sanatoriums, one specializing in cardiology among them, where the patients after heart transplantations recover.
"Please imagine a little valley, as little as everything that is good in the world, surrounded with a chain of as soft hills, and each of these hills could be covered by a child's hands. In this valley, please place a park, filled with all kinds of plants. [...] Now, please connect this valley to the rest of the world, with the help of shadowy valleys, little valleys you can't look at without sighing, and you will havea very inexact vision of Naleczow's natual beauty. Is this all? ... not at all. There are also two little rivers, one of which leads the proud tourists to Kazimierz, and the other which fills up the pond in the park, where couples in love can canoe, feed white swans, sigh to the pale-faced moon or look at the buildings reflected in the mirror of water."
Boleslaw Prus
"Kurier Codzienny" 1894, No 23
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